Why John?

Your vote as trustee  would be appreciated.                    screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-3-24-58-pm

Both my children, Cliff and Joy, have benefitted greatly from California’s community college, Los Rios CCD in particular. My wife, Georgianne I are grateful for the benefits our family has received from the community colleges, both financial and academic.

I’ll continue to work with students, faculty, administration and the community to assure that Los Rios keeps improving. We need to provide quality education that our community deserves.

I will continue to support equal access for all students that are willing to put forth the effort to enhance their future like my two children. Whether students are returning veterans, student looking to transfer to a university, career technical training or retraining for a new career, I applaud and support their efforts.

AS YOUR TRUSTEE – I will continue to advocate for…

-Linking Education with Jobs;

-Quality Education;

-Equal Access;

-Balanced Budget;

-Partnerships with K-16 and the Community;

-Our Students, Faculty & Taxpayers

Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your vote.

-John Knight


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