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Since being elected in 2014  as your trustee on the Los Rio Community College board John has demonstrated his diligence in supporting the students, faculty, and community in the region. His abilities and proven leadership show his broad experience and clear understanding of the problems and solutions that are needed to keep the high quality programs and services in the Los Rios Community College System. John has the keen insight to identify the community needs that are going unfulfilled. John has the public trust due to his commitment and a track record of positive results. He has consistently demonstrated his skills in the areas of administration, policy, economics and finance to expertly serve you.

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“ As your trustee, progress has been made such opening the new gym facility at Folsom Lake College and a new student service building at Sacramento City College. Services have been expanded for veterans and student services at the El Dorado Center. A new Rancho Cordova Center has been opened and light rail has been extended to Consumes College through partnership with the transit district. Our district continues to expand educational opportunities while maintaining a strong financial base. But there is more to be done. We must ensure that we are reaching all students who desire to improve their job skills and further their education. I will continue to support partnerships with the K-12 school systems and work with students, faculty, administration and the community. It is my job assure that necessary support for our students. They deserve no less. ”

John has been married to Georgianne for 45 years and both adult children, Joy and Cliff, attended Brooks Elementary School and graduated from Oak Ridge High School. Daughter Joy lives locally and works for the nonprofit Big Brothers Big Sisters. Son Cliff is a geologist and lives in Southern California with his wife Christy and daughter Kimmie. Both children participated in the Los Rios Community College System which afforded them excellence in instruction and economic value in advancing their education for careers.

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As a citizen, elected official, and community volunteer, John Knight continues to give his time and energy in serving El Dorado and Sacramento County. He currently sits on the Folsom Lake College Foundation Board,  was elected as Supervisor District 1 El Dorado County in 2008, elected board member of the El Dorado Hills Fire Board, appointed to the El Dorado County Planning Commission , and a volunteer firefighter for almost 2 decades. John remains active in the community as a Rotarian and enjoys many philanthropic activities that support our community and its citizens. His work has helped to meet the critical needs of our communities and preserve our quality of life.

IMG_3985District 1 Supervisor, El Dorado County Board of Supervisors
John served as the elected Supervisor, District 1, to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors from 2008-2012. During that time frame, John, as a team member, kept a balanced budget with no new taxes, with four years of declining revenue, kept safety as a priority, reduced traffic congestion with major traffic operations approved that are being implemented currently (Interchanges for Silva Valley, Interchanges for El Dorado Hills Boulevard, and road improvements for El Dorado Hills Boulevard and Francisco Road and Green Valley Road at Deer Valley). John has been a supporter of services for seniors, working with local nonprofit agencies, a promoter of economic development and job growth, well-planned development while keeping our county economically viable and protecting the beauty and natural resources in the county, and acknowledging the excellence provided by our colleges and schools in El Dorado County.

As a County Supervisor John participated in numerous county and regional activities and committees that required skills and expertise in building positive working relationships with community partners, public constituents, public and private agencies, in order to fulfill legislative requirements, develop and implement sound policy, financial planning and budget allocations and approvals around numerous areas such as land use, health and human services, public transit, transportation, regional transportation issues, and providing diverse housing needs and providing for new local employment opportunities.

John @ Podium. Veterans affair. Memorial Day._MG_4497[1]District 1 Appointee to the El Dorado County Planning Commission
Prior to being elected as Supervisor, John was an appointed planning commissioner in 2004. He had the valuable experience for 4 years in the implementation of the 2004 General Plan (GP). This gave John the critical first-hand knowledge and experience with the GP and the constituents who must adhere to the plans’ requirements. This experience has provided a deep experience into the GP and the opportunity to look at what is working well and what needs to be re-examined and possibly changed. This re-examination provided impetus for changes that were needed and will continue to be needed to ensure that El Dorado County at large can be a safer place to live, have less traffic congestion, streamline government, enhance and expand business opportunities resulting in increased employment opportunities in El Dorado County.

As a planning commissioner and commission chairperson, John provided oversight and an in-depth understanding of the voter approved General Plan. The General Plan is critically important in addressing legal requirements and for preserving the precious natural resources of El Dorado County. This plan covers land use, water, transportation, roads, business development, neighborhood planning including parks and recreational areas.

Elected Member, Director, El Dorado Hills Fire Board
John served as an elected member of the El Dorado Hills Fire Board. As a fire board member, John, along with other board members and new administration, championed efforts to reduce costs by 70 percent for a proposed training facility. Knight also facilitated discussions to create a new Sheriffs station adjacent to the fire station on Bass Lake Road which eventually located in El Dorado Hills. This location now exists and increases the presence and decrease response times for law enforcement.

Community Volunteer
John_knight_rotaryA steadfast leader for decades, John Knight has demonstrated the experience and commitment needed to meet the challenges of tomorrow. His experience includes community service as a volunteer firefighter (19 years), retired lieutenant, member and president for the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce and the El Dorado Hills Rotary.

Knight served the citizens of El Dorado County for many years as a member of the El Dorado County Habitat for Humanity (serving as President in 2006 and 2007) and as a trustee on the Marshall Medical Foundation. For over a decade, he served as a board member of the American Red Cross, Sacramento Sierra Chapter.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics from California State University Long Beach and continued graduate courses at UCLA. For several decades he worked in asset management for major banks and savings and loan institutions.

Knight has earned the Trainor-Robertson Humanitarian Award as the individual who demonstrated the greatest philanthropic commitment to organizations in our community, 2002 from the Association of Commercial Real Estate. He was awarded Citizen of the Year 2006 by the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce. As a volunteer firefighter, Knight has been recognized by the El Dorado Hills Firefighters Association with numerous awards over the past two decades for his continued leadership and service to the community.


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